Math 9 Outline

754062.jpgWant to access the textbook online?

Go to the website and choose grade 9 web book.

At the login page you will enter the below login/password.

Each student can use the same login/password.

Student Login: coldlake_student

Student Password: student2009

Cold Lake High School
Mathematics 9
Mr. Matt Huntley & Ms. Rose Lapointe
Rm. 1410 & Rm. 2609
Phone: (780) 639-0039
Course website:

Math 9 prepares students for high school mathematics and should be taken very seriously. A student’s success in Math 9 will determine which stream of math they enter at the high school level. After high school, post-secondary institutions take a close look at which math stream a student has graduated from when they are considering an enrollment application.

Supplies needed for the year:
  • Binder/Pencils (for work)/ Erasers/Ruler
  • Loose-leaf and graphing/grid paper
  • Scientific Calculator (TI-83 or any other graphing calculator will not be allowed)

The textbook is supplied by the school for the course and should be well taken care of. When students write in, tear or otherwise harm their textbooks, the school needs to replace them which ends up costing the students more in fees and takes away from the school to finance other needed resources.

Scope and Sequence:

Approximate Number
of Classes
Allotment (%)
Completion Date
Rational Numbers and Equations
Sept 17
Exponents and Roots
Oct 2
Oct 20
Linear Equations and Inequalities
Nov 4
Graphing Linear Equations
Nov 24
Circle Geometry
Dec 7
Surface Area and Similar Shapes
Dec 18
Jan 13


Final Exam (PAT)

Jan 26

Scheduled times may be adjusted due to unexpected events and class need to spend more time on a topic. Please consult the course calendar on the course website for an up to date schedule.

Expectations and Guidelines:
1. Attendance:**
  • If you know you are going to be absent, it is your responsibility to see me in advance of the absence to get your homework for the day(s) you will be missing or arrange to do a test in advance.
  • Information is posted on the grade 9 website. Please bookmark this site and if ill or unable to attend school, get the assignment(s) from the website.

2. Class Work:
  • All students will respect the rights of other students to learn. Continual talking and/or disruptions interfere with this right and will result in disciplinary action.
  • Daily assignments are part of a learning process and as such, will not be taken in for marks. However I will still check work to ensure it is being completed so I can report to parents and administrators as necessary.
  • If you are having difficulties in this subject please come and speak to me about getting extra help sooner rather than later.

3. Redo Policy:
  • Students will be given the opportunity to redo exams where they did not achieve the mark they wanted. This is the process for redo’s:
i. Student will complete a pre-redo assignment.
ii. Student will then do a redo exam (not the same as the original exam) on a specified redo date at the end of the semester.
iii. I will replace the test mark with the mark from the redo exam..

4. Classroom Care:
  • Cell phones are not to be in the class as per school policy. If your parents need to contact you, they must go through school phone lines.
  • I allow students to listen to ipods while they work on assignments, but the volume must be low enough so no one else can hear it and the ipod must be out of sight.
  • My classroom is my second home and if students make a mess, it is disrespectful to me. The classroom should be kept clean and items put away neatly after use.
  • I allow students to eat and drink in class under two conditions:
i. The food/drink is healthy
ii. They clean up after themselves

5. Double Blocks
  • This year at Cold Lake High School will be running a new four block schedule. Once every four days there will be a double period in each course. In addition to completing a lesson, the double block periods will allow students to do the following: re-assess on a previous unit exam, obtain extra help, catch-up on missed work, and/or complete a unit formative assessment.