Electrical Principles and Technologies

Study Device

Day 1: Electrical Safety

Read Textbook pages 284 to 287.
Day 2: Static and Current Electricity

Read Textbook pages 274 to 283.
Day 3: Cell & Batteries in Electrochemistry

Read Textbook pages 288 to 295
Quiz Tomorrow
Day 4: Topic One Quiz
This is an in class assignment.
All students should be working on a study device that will be due at the end of the unit.
Day 5: Insulators versus conductors lab
This is an in class assignment.
Read Textbook page 299
Day 6: Modelling Electricity with water

Read Textbook pages 296 to 305
Day 7: Ohm's Law

Read Textbook pages 306 to 310

Day 8: Parallel and Series Circuits

Read Textbook pages 311 to 316
Day 9: Ohm Zone
This activity is available at www.article19.com/shockwave/oz.htm

Day 10: Topic Two Quiz
This is an in class assignment
Continue working on your study devices.
Day 11: Energy Transformations

Read Textbook pages 318 to 323
Day 12: Electric Motors

Read Textbook pages 324 to 331
Day 13: Power

Read Textbook pages 332 to 334
Day 14: Percent Efficiency

Read Textbook pages 335 to 342
Day 15: Topic Three Quiz
This is an in class assignment.
Continue working on those study devices.
Day 16: Alternative Energy Sources

Read Textbook pages 345 to 350
Day 17: Electricity and the environment

Read Textbook pages 351 to 359
Day 18: Review

Unit Test tomorrow and study devices will be due at the beginning of the block.
Day 19: Unit Test
This is an in class assignment.

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