Tutorial Expectations

Tutorial is an integral component of the academic support services offered through the grade 9 program at Cold Lake High School. One of the major challenges students face as they move into high school is time management. Tutorial helps them learn to manage all of the responsibilities and expectations placed on them as a student. Tutorial gives them the opportunity to do individual study, group study, work with teachers, and work on the computers for academic assignments. Due to the rigors and expectations of academics at this level, having daily time scheduled into the student's daily routine to dedicate to preparation for classes is most beneficial.

Expectations of Students:
  • Students must bring work to tutorial. This may be assignments, reading, project work, or studying for tests.
  • If students have no work to do, the teacher may provide something for the student to do or the student can work on an extra credit project or they may read.
  • Students may be allowed to work together if they remain on task. If they can not remain on task together, then the tutorial teacher may separate them.
  • If a student should need to leave tutorial for any reason, they must have permission, sign out and take a hall pass.
  • iPods and other personal music players may be used, but the volume must be low enough that it can't be heard by anyone else.
  • Students may not sleep, play games, or use tutorial for socialization.
  • There will be no use of the computers during tutorial unless it is homework related.
  • If a student wishes to use the computer, they must ask permission and show the teacher the assignment they will be working on. Computers are not guaranteed to be available all the time.
  • Students may check grades on the computer for 5 minutes.
  • Students will fill out their log book and have it signed by the tutorial teacher at the end of class.

Expectations of Teachers:
  • If students have no work to do, the teacher will provide something for the student to do.
  • Tutorial teachers may assign seating plans to ensure maximum productivity during tutorial time.
  • Teachers will ensure students are productive during tutorial. Students who have completed all their assignments should be provided with extra activities and/or reading assignments.
  • Tutorial teachers will keep up with the daily agenda (on the main page) to remain aware of what assignments students need to complete.
  • Tutorial teachers will be available to help students with assignments and studying.
  • Tutorial teachers will assist students in organizing binders and booklets required for core classes.
  • Tutorial teachers will review and sign daily student log books to ensure completion of all core coursework.
  • Tutorial teachers will work through academic action plans with students who are not passing courses.

**A binder will travel with the class to each teacher who will record missing assignments to be completed in tutorial.